Saturday, 10 May 2008

Olympic Selections

There's bound to be a few sore heads in eventing circles this weekend as those selected for for the Olympic team celebrate.

Mr. Fox-Pitt will look to have a choice from his usual Dorset Battalion with 3 horse's nominated (Ballincoola, Tamarillo & Parkmore Ed), personally I hope Parkmore Ed makes the grade and the flight. William himself is such an obvious choice I'm sure he'll prove his weight in gold and perform well under championship pressure.

Similarly Zara would have been conspicuous by her absence! Zara & Toytown are an incredibly rare phenomenon in any equestrian sporting field. It's hard to believe this young lady has achieved so much for someone so young, a European & World Title is something many others spend an entire career to attain, and watching her complete on two less than straightforward horses at Badminton this year you can see why - a truly exceptional young rider. I just wish selected members of the press and other spokes persons would stop trying to divert attention away from her family history in an attempt to justify her personal success - it's too obvious.

Let's face it, you don't achieve
all this by just being the Queen's Grand-daughter, but similarly it doesn't hurt
when looking for sponsorship or a little PR....

(BE certainly enjoy the sunshine that brings) and if you're gonna have your parents train you, Mark Phillips isn't what you might call typical
Pony Club parent material is he (I'd be happy enough for him to train me). My advice is don't rage against the machine, roll with it.

The Olympics is all about amateur sport and for Sharon Hunt and Tanker's town to be selected is great news for team GB and the Olympic ethos. From the little we do get to see of Sharon on the international circuit both have been steadily improving.

Mary King's credentials say all that needs to be said on her selection, however I can't help but feel sorry for a few of those on the reserve list worth taking a bet on, like Daisy Dick or Rodney Powell. Mary's opening round at Badminton on Apache Sauce was a joy to watch and left you thinking "this course ain't that tough"....until you saw a few others attempt it!

Lucy's horse has improving form so probably has as much right to be in the line as any other contenders. I just wonder whether she has a championship win in her, probably as much as any of the others.

The next two Olympics are going to be the most exciting yet, and the most contrasting. Let's hope they nice big flowing, fluid cross country courses, so that we get a fantastic spectator experience. I hope I get along to both of them.

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