Saturday, 23 August 2008

Modern Pentathalon - On ya Garde!

Like most of the sports loving world I've got completely caught up in 'Olympic Fever'. So what's this modern pentathlon all about? 

Before these olympics I have to confess to being something of layman when it comes to the pentathlon, I knew it covered 5 events (the clue was in the name!), but I didn't really understand how the competition was organised. I have the BBC to thank for educating me on this bizarre event. 

Here's a sport that really could be one of the most exciting of the whole games. You shoot a gun, wave a sword, swim, ride a horse, and run a few miles - a true gladiatorial test! But, and here's what I find completely bizarre, competitors don't ride their own horse, they draw lots to ride horses they've never sat on before, and judging by the horses provided this can be a ropey old lot (see BBC Comic Pentathlon video). 

Imagine what Usain Bolt would say if he was told he'd be wearing a pair of hand-me-down plimsoles to run the 100 Metres

What a great event so poorly implemented, it doesn't do itself any favours by giving the media such ammunition to ridicule the sport. 

What a great event, and Team GB picked up another Silver - hurrah!


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