Friday, 5 September 2008

They think its all over.............

Don't believe the hype! Tabloid fever has finally hit the British equestrian press, first we had a shake down of the frustrations in Hong Kong and now we have doom and gloom over the future of the "horse sports" in future Olympiads. Quite a few sports have passed through the games over the last century or so, but many more have stood the test of time, including the key equestrian disciplines.

Popularity (or rather lack of popularity) is being sighted as the reason for a potential drop of the horse events, but European, middle east and western nations are huge "horse lovers" (the French perhaps more than we'd like to admit!), and I'd be very surprised if any of the horse disciplines are dropped (even pure dressage).

Personally I'd like to see us get rid of the farce of the "team event" and just run the individual medals. - It just doesn't make any sense at all. Bring back Polo - a true equestrian team sport.

Anyway, we're host city now so let's get on with putting on a great show.

Now back to Burghley, Flint Curtis is currently leading (what a great horse).

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