Thursday, 26 February 2009

Pushing String into Greenwich Park

I have a lot of Respect for Tim Hadaway, and he's currently holding what must be one of the most coveted jobs in eventing at the moment, but I wouldn't want his job right now! It's like pushing string....

I've found this video on uTube and I'm sticking by my views in my last post on this subject: Holding the Olympic 3-day-event in Greenwich Park is a mistake.

At the end of the video, check out the related videos (especially the Legacy the XC course is going to leave behind - or rather lack of it!)

If you really want to see the damage that will be done to Greenwich, visit Badminton a week after the event. Remember Badminton is held in Parkland that will recover far quicker than a formal city park like Greenwich. Also bear in mind the Duke of Beaufort has had various site changes made at Badminton in recent years because of the permanent damage that the temporary buildings have inflicted on the Deer Park (the huge media centre was moved for 2008 because it almost killed off the grass completely).

Let's put on a really great show somewhere more suitable - and save Greenwich Park.

Controversy & Compromise never leads to a successful outcome.

It really is time to look at realistic alternatives.

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