Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Kentucky is just round the corner....

...well at least it is if you live just round the corner. I'd love to say I was "reporting live from Lexington", unfortunately I'm across the pond, but hey, the sun is shinning so it's not all bad.

Being only a week or so before Badminton makes it very tough to get as decent a field as some of the European 4 Stars but looking at the entries for this year there is quite a good smattering of international riders, and it's nice to see Nicolas Touzaint entered, you so rarely see the french venture outside of mainland Europe.

Noticably absent from either event is Andrew Hoy! The cross country master seems to have hit a bit of a grey patch. His two 4 Star horses of recent years (Master Monarch & Moonfleet) are both retired and he seems to have had to move to Germany, not a country exactly overflowing with eventing opportunity. I can't help but feel a little sympathy. His wife Bettina could shortly be following in his foot steps with only one serious 4 star horse to her name, Ringwood Cockatoo, who is now 16 but as they say, make hay....., and the grey is at least entered for Kentucky.

Badminton certainly spoils us for information, making just about every piece of information you could possibly want available online compared to the other events. I had hoped we would at least have some pictures of the Kentucky cross country course on line by now but sadly not. Hopefully it's just a matter of time. 

Bring on the competition..........

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