Tuesday, 7 September 2010

WEG 2010 Radio Show | How Do You Like Them Apples?

Ah! Ms. Clark, We've Been Expecting You
I swear if Glenn The Geek, got any more 'excited' he'll literally go "pop"! I'm not sure he'll last the 18 days left to WEG. For 2 years now Glenn and co-host, Samantha Clark, have been winding us up to the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games, as the "unofficial" source of news, views and interviews on a weekly basis with their 2010 WEG Radio Show (podcast).

I have to confess to being only a recent convert to the avid following they seem to have built up over the years, but now never miss an episode, and I'm discovering hilarious moments in old episodes. Too many to list here, but listen to episode 90, entitled "Smanatha gets her own way", this should give you an idea of who's really running the show. I recon Samantha could even charm Wayne Roycroft into thinking his team horses' travel plans were ideal!

The great thing about audio as the medium is it leaves so much to the imagination, and I imagine Glenn sat there, surrounded by banks of switches, quietly lulling Samantha into believing she in charge as one hand hovers over the kill switch and the other stroking a fluffy white cat! His enthusiasm in recording his sponsors ads can be annoyingly effective, as I have found myself, on more than one occasion, reciting ads for feed additives in my head.

The success of this show lies, largely, in the very different personalities of the two co-presenters and their chemistry on air. It's like a Friday night talk show hosted by a cross between Selina Scott (BBC News anchor) and Siena Miller with a twist of Bridget Jones, and Michael Parkinson mixed with Graham Norton and a slice of Michael Moore, littered with news and interviews from all the WEG disciplines, and the obligatory sponsors ads written and read by Glenn.

They say, animals are very like their owners, so if you want an idea of who these two presenters are, take a look at their profiles. Samantha's dog is adopted, personally I think she's more of an English Setter owner, but that's definitely Glenn's horse!

The internet makes all this possible, and an audio podcast is the perfect medium for this type of show, as it has international (but niche) appeal, so you can download and listen at your convenience. I tend to listen in the tub or the car, so Glenn if you're reading this, I 'd like a few catchy jingles I can sing along to please!

With less than 3 weeks to WEG the number of shows left is dwindling fast, but they will at least be doing daily shows during the event, and if you haven't already got hooked by this show I'd urge you to do so now, as the "unofficial" sources of news are always so much more interesting that any PR driven sources you find elsewhere.

I've also just realised I have entered an event on the day the WEG Eventing takes place, so will need the show more than ever!

Go Listen.........

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  1. Monty, Hmmmmm, I guess I will need a white cat. Mine is a grey beast with an attitude. Thanks for the great visuals, now Samantha will be more demanding than ever!

    Glenn the Geek
    Host, 2010 Radio Show