Thursday, 6 January 2011

Where's Your Head At?

I try not to "bang the drum" too much (except maybe when it comes to ridiculous bibs), but I've been quite impressed by the momentum that the Riders4Helmets campaign has gathered over the last few months.

This coming weekend they are holding a symposium in Florida (a wise location, given the weather!).

I must also confess to having previously been complacent about wearing a riding hat sometimes when working on the flat, until a friend suffered a horrific accident, being bowled over by a horse whilst on the ground, and requiring 7 hours of surgery to place 2 metal plates in his head and the need to rebuild his eye socket! Since then I have always worn a hat whilst riding, no matter how well I know my own horse.

Anyway, I have nothing intelligent to add to what Riders4Helmets already say about their campaign. So all I can do is encourage you to visit their website, support the symposium, and at the very least, wear your riding hat every time you climb in the saddle!

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  1. Here's two great write ups from the symposium:

    Erin Gilmore: SideLines:

    Samantha Clark: Eventing Nation: