Saturday, 27 August 2011

WOW - That Really Was A Climatic Finish To Cross Country

William Fox-Pitt
I'm rushing round like a Tasmanian Devil, just now so just a quick post with a few pictures from Cross Country Day at the HSBC European Championships here in Luhmuhlen:

William Fox Pitt gave us all a bit of a scare twice on course, once at the Rolex fence, and Also at the Water complex at fence 14. I captured the the stumble at the water: Sequence

I also managed to see and snap two of the people I had come to watch ride, Nicholas Touzaint & Michael Jung.

More later, including a proper (ish) report on all that's happened, plus a pictures from around the cross country.

ps. as you can see I eventually made it and managed to Barter and Bribe a Taxi Driver into being my personal driver for the day!

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