Monday, 18 February 2013

The Great Awakening - Although My Leg Still Feels Asleep

Boomerang XC Schooling Field - A Hive Of Activity Today
This weekend has been uncommonly warm and sunny in the UK, although probably not quite as warm or sunny as Rocking Horse Horse Trials in Florida, which has headlined the US eventing season over the last few days. Over at Boomerang Stables, which has one of the few truly great cross country schooling facilities, the eventing community had woken from hibernation and there was plenty of pre-season activity. It has been one of the busiest days I've ever seen at Boomerang, and there was an incredible buzz around lorry park which was six deep in horses and ponies of all shapes and sizes with riders excited about getting out onto a real course in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile down the road at the barn when my temporary steed is currently stabled I was struggling with some more fundamental principles of riding! Watching the International Eventing Forum a few weeks ago has had me thinking about the all illusive 'secure lower leg'. I'll happily confess I've never had 'secure lower leg', particularly my right leg which has been pretty useless all my life (and my dear old grey horse has accommodated my short comings with good grace over the last decade), but I do remember being a more solid rider than I currently seem to be. I know this lower leg thing is inextricably linked to core stability, but as I won't be riding now for two weeks due to foreign travel I'm seeking out more exercise options, other than cycling, to get my legs back up to scratch.

I'm off to scour my bookshelf, the internet and the Fit-To-Ride videos in the HorseHub app for inspiration. Any other suggestions gratefully received.

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