Monday, 16 August 2010

WEG 2010 Eventing Predictions: The Press Reports

It's time to start my predictions for the Alltech 2010 World Equestrian Games, so first off is, "what you're gonna hear from the Press & Media". It never ceases to amaze me how event after event, and year after year, the press ask the same old questions, and the roll out the same old phrases when they report on an event. So with this in mind here's my top 5 predictions for Uninspired Media Coverage:

The Capt. - hiding a baseball cap

  1. Most of the TV & Radio reporters will start their winners interviews by asking "What does this win mean to you?"
  2. The words "exciting" and "nail-biting" will appear in at least 92% reports about the show jumping phase.
  3. The trade mags will try and squeeze owner's names into sentences that were already long winded. (It's a good thing Matt Ryan isn't running a horse)
  4. Remarks like "Mike E-S's cross country course proved very influential, and was beautifully presented." will appear in at least 87% of reports from the event.
  5. Someone will comment on the fact that Capt. Mark Phillips hasn't removed his hat in 20 years, and that he always wears a tweed hat in the UK, but a baseball cap in the US. (I think he wears the baseball cap underneath the tweed one)

Feel free to add your own predictions.....

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