Friday, 30 March 2012

Belton CIC*** - Where Badminton Really Begins

Pippa Funnell & Redesigned | On The Belton CIC*** Entry List
It never ceases to amaze me how many of our key CIC*** events attract such an enormous field littered with so many 4 star winners, Olympians, and a large slice of the world's top 100 horses. Add to this the 2 Advanced sections and just about every horse based in this country entered for Badminton will be having their final prep run at Belton before the main event in May. It's like having a super short format Badminton or Burghley, or a mini Olympics, and I'm struggling to think of a nation that isn't represented in the entry list - Austria perhaps?

Anyway, the action starts tomorrow, the world's best will be there, and bar one or two notable exceptions from North America, it's hard not to believe that the London 2012 medalists are somewhere in this field. This weekend is going to be the first real indication of who's got their act together and running in pure harmony and who still has some work to do over the coming weeks.

This is first really serious event of the year - I can't wait!

Belton Website

The Belton Entry List

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