Saturday, 31 March 2012

Hello Belton

Belton Horse Trials
I seem to continuously live my life last minute dot com! Yesterday I planned to get to Belton for at least some of CIC*** dressage, but a sick car left me limping home instead, and I'd pretty much given up on getting here at all. Add to that a little guilt in leaving the children again so soon after a 2 week stint away, and a number of chores needing my attention at home, and there was little chance of me seeing a horse, let alone the weekend's key event. A tweet from someone I used to know spurred me into action though and I swapped cars for the old jalopy and risked it up the M40 in a vehicle I rarely take over the county line let alone on a 3 hour drive.

Anyway welcome to Belton here's to a great weekend of #EventingLive, Tea, and everything else the East Midlands has to offer.

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