Saturday, 15 October 2011

Pau 2011: Cross Country Morning - Here We Go!

It All Starts Here
Pau 9AM:

It's been a pleasantly gentle start to the day this morning, the sun only peeped over the horizon an hour ago,   sending the picturesque moon into hiding for the day. Most riders have been keeping a low profile as they prepare for the big day. So far I've only spotted Mary King, out on course and Georgina Tapner busy grooming away for husband Paul.

The main arena has been prepared, for the start and finish, and the enormous warm up sand arena has been cleared to make way for three practice fences. Tradestands are opening up for business, and the crowds are trickling in, which is more than can be said for the media.

Commentary (in French) has started over the tannoy system, so things are getting underway. Here we go........

The Warm Up Starting To Fill Up

On The Way To The Start

Business As Usual For The Racehorses 

All Quiet In The Lorry Park

Riders Slowly Appearing

The First Fence

Yogi Breisner & Angela Tucker Discussing Cross Country

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