Friday, 14 October 2011

Pau 2011- Day One: There's Something About Mary

Mary King | Current Leader 
Mary King is currently leading the CCI**** here at Pau, with both William Fox-Pitt & Andrew Nicholson in her slipstream. Something, someone said at dinner this evening, made me think there really is something about Mary that sets her apart from the rest; she always has a smile and hello for everyone, always willing to help out, and as I said in a previous post she's the eventer most young riders admire, and Thursday at Pau belongs to Mary.

Today has turned out to be a somewhat low scoring first day for a CCI**** with Mary's second horse Apache Sauce holding the lead on a score of 48.3. I must confess, I only watched 2 full dressage tests today so I'm not really in a position to provide any answers, I've been so overwhelmed and distracted by Pau, it's just heavenly, although this beautiful weather pays no small part, so if they can guarantee an early/mid October fixture, I'm going to be coming back here time and time again. 

Watching The Warm-Up
The warm up arenas are right next to the lorry park, it's a nice compact site to get around, making it easy to flit to and fro, breaking up your day with a chat here and picture there. From the moment I arrived I've bumped into all sorts of people from back home, and not just the riders. Pau has a Rolex Kentucky feel about it; permanent arena, sand school warm up areas, and of course the weather. 

Today for me has all been about getting my bearings, walking the course (which you'll see on line soon), dealing with some new developments in the day job, and trying not to get lost (again!). I so didn't want to get lost on the way to the hotel, I decided to leave my hire car at the showground and caught a lift with a friend staying here, so I could attempt to memorise the route back and forth. All of this means I don't have any in depth analysis of the competition, in fact the only thing I could tell you about the 2 star is that Paul Tapner is currently leading, and that's only because I overheard him tell someone that!

Anyway, in a vain attempt to keep you coming back to read more, I did make to take a few photos I hope you'll enjoy:

Lot's more tomorrow (promise)

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